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The lamb is an up to one year old domestic sheep. Lambs are up to six months old and mainly feed on breast milk. This food gives the meat a delicate milky touch. Lamb, unlike the flesh of a full-grown sheep, has a smooth, tasty taste.


Veal is one of the best pieces and can be cut into the pan as well as whole in the oven
fried or stewed.
It is a tender meat, because in young animals the muscles
not yet fully formed and the connective tissue is still soft.


Beef is one of the most valuable meats. It does not enrich
only by its taste, but also by the various forms of preparation.


Chickens belong to the species of the poultry. Their meat has only a low fat content, but contains high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Our chickens grow up in appropriate animal husbandry with enough freewheel.


Turkey meat is one of the low-calorie meats.
Our turkey meat has both red meat and white meat parts.

Delivery service & logistics

Our large fleet of modern refrigerated vehicles gives you the assurance that our goods are always
arrived fresh and punctually to you. In the delivery times, we are happy to meet your
individual wishes. Our customers include retail companies,
Wholesaler, sausage & meat production, butchers, catering and Restaurants.


Order quickly and directly by e-mail or phone.


Order until 12:00 and we will deliver at the next working day


We guarantee, Quality control,
Storage and delivery, according to strict guidelines.


Your personal customer advisor will be glad to support you on site.


We work exclusively with well-known suppliers who are qualitatively and hygienically up to date
Stand are. In addition, we have our products in-house through our experienced team in-house
Check sections for quality. Every kitchen expects full taste and top quality. The high
Requirements can be found in our entire range, with A-brands and exclusive product lines.


We work according to European hygiene standards. Hygiene is the basic requirement for this
Permanently high quality of our products. Our staff is trained on hygiene regulations. All of our products come from EC companies under veterinary supervision. People who visit our production facilities are also
the strict hygiene regulations.


Our suppliers slaughter according to the principles of halal slaughter in accordance with the guidelines of the
European Union. The careful quality control and slaughtering according to Halal regulations is guaranteed
the optimal production process of the raw material under the strictest hygiene conditions.

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The very large selection of quality meat, the punctual order processing, the delivery by own special vehicles, the interesting price-performance ratio, the optimal advice, the strict quality control of the meat, the optimal storage, that everything and much more you find with us Anadolu meat and poultry trade ,

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